I suffer from high night time cortisol levels (or so I think)? Because I get anxious at night time for no real reason other than an internal imbalance.

ive lowered my thyroid meds (armour) right down to the lowest dosage 30mgs or 1/2 grain because I feel better on it but this night time anxiety is killing me because I can't sleep at night have to take tranquilizers which I hate doing so but at least I can sleep.

The crazy thing is I feel good during the day, lots of energy and about 98% good. I take adrenal supplements during the day.

this morning I thought I would NOT take it because I want to treat my adrenals and I felt the BEST during the day, come night time the anxiety got really bad even though I took the adrenal supplements during the evening as well as soon as I got anxious. Still not feeling right, should I take my 1/2 grain at night time? Maybe that might help me sleep naturally?

Dont know what to do, please help!!!