I have hashimotos and when I was on thyroxine 100mcg after taking it roughly for 2.5 years I developed low iron levels (a first for me). I had a low iron saturation level with high ferritin levels. I was feeling lousy, after I recovered from that I went on a "healthy eating" plan of my own accord, avoiding thyroid inhibiting foods, and limiting sugar, high sodium levels and increasing my intake of thyroid boosting foods. I also ate a lot of fresh fruits every day and juiced fresh veggies every morning. I felt so much better and went back to my doc to tell her to reduce the medication. I had lab tests done, Tsh went from 4.54 to 1.4 in about 1 month. My free t4 was 17.6 and went to 15 my free t3 (last tested on 14/9/12 was 4.5.

However, the doc didn't listen and said I was on the correct dosage. I started to feel sick, and anxious after taking it. So I went to a naturopath who put me on armour (half the dosage) I only took it yesterday after de-toxinig from the thyroxine tablets and at night I was starting to feel nervy again but a different type of nervousness, one with too much energy to burn, I could hardly sleep a few hours last night and am feeling worse for wear now. I can't halve the medication either because its a capsule filled with powder, the only thing I can do is stop taking it. I was given 30mg of armour.

Now I go back for blood tests again in 6 weeks time from taking the new meds, but I can't take them because they are too strong for me, keeping in mind my healthy lifestyle has made me better but the meds make me feel sick (after not sleeping the whole night).

Is it possible my hashimotos is in remission? Blood tests will tell - eventually.