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Thread: Just got diagnosed with underactive thyroid and a very high TSH

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    User Just got diagnosed with underactive thyroid and a very high TSH

    Hi all, just been diagnosed with under-active thyroid. Explains a lot of symptoms I have been having - extreme tiredness, loss of concentration, low mood, aches, slightly thinning hair, weight gain (OK, the latter may be due to an addiction to chocolate). My diagnosis was accidental - I went to the doctor for something else and he tested for various things mainly because I hardly ever see him. He says my TSH is very high but the T4 is nearly normal and has put me on 75 of thyroxine. In one sense I am relieved - had been putting the tiredness down to a 5 hour daily commute and a horrible boss plus my age (near retirement). In another sense I am anxious - totally unexpected so didn't really ask the doctor anything sensible. How long before I start feeling better? I have to have another blood test in a few weeks time. Will there be any improvement by then? Are there any side effects? Will I lose weight? Should I ask him for the figures? All a bit scary!

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    Hello @Poppy and welcome to the forums

    You are not alone so don't worry too much. Good news is at least your GP has made an effort to diagnose it. Very TSH varies for different people. Some people consider a number of 10 to be very high other consider it to be normal. Best is to ask for a copy of your test records.

    5 hours daily commute.....gosh it must make you tired....I've done it in the past but wouldnt do it again!?

    Normally you get checked for another blood tests after a month or 6 weeks. Starting on 75mcg will give you slight hyper for a few days but after a couple of weeks your body should adjust to this extra thyroxine in the body. Normally you improve after 4 weeks or so but it almost take a few months for everything to stabilise and feel the real imrpovements.

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    Hi Poppy and welcome,
    well, i don't have anything to add since Butterfly did all the job.

    But i wanted to say that few days ago on TV I heard that chocolate actually makes you lose weight - they say lot of things today don't they?
    weight gain (OK, the latter may be due to an addiction to chocolate)
    also, weight gain is normal when your TSH is high!

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    @Poppy Yes weight loss may happen if thyroid balance is improved, you should also feel much less exhausted. Your regular blood results will give a clear picture of what is goig on in your body. Sometimes it takes awhile to getthe dosage right. some times peoplegetside effects which usually settle after the firstfew weeks or so. Hope in your case the settling happens asap xx



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