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Thread: Newbie intro

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    Newbie intro

    Hi all
    I was told I had hypothyroidism around 8 months ago. I've been going to the Dr's for yrs due to headaches, I take a variable dose of propananol for the headaches.
    Went to the Dr's and was told I'd be seeing a different Dr and she suggested a full blood test. The result was!

    I'm now on 100mg of levothyroxine.
    But I am still feeling so tired all the time, and I just can not loose weight.. very annoying.

    I hope to pick up some of your knowledge and tips on here...


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    to the forum @michlob ! Im sure u will pick up lots of useful stuff on here. Hope you start feeling better really soon!

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    I was diagnosed around 7 years ago after trying every diet around and being unable to lose weight . I felt tired all the time Brain like a sieve , strange feelings in my legs like I couldn't feel them my g.p just said normal for someone my size 22 stone nearly . I moved and changed Drs people thought I was smoking weed as my speech became slurred so my girlfriend took me to the Drs . He knew straight away after telling him my symptoms but did blood test to confirm . He couldn't believe it hadn't been picked up before mow as results so bad . Started on 25 thyroxine then gradually increased to 150 for 4 years since then had nothing but trouble ... Enlarged thyroid increase in tablets then back down feel like I did all those yrs ago x

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    Hello every one!
    I am very new to join this forum. This is a good plate form that every one can share the ideas and information regarding any matter. This forum really helps me a lot.



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