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    Having looked through web, can't seem to find any fellow adrenal fatgue friends using

    I've been taking for about year now. My position is weak cortisol output - DHEA okay. Thyroid is within just 'normal' range, but low across the board. Need to strengthen / support adrenal, before Thyroid supplementation.
    However, achieved taking 500mg glandular then felt my system stressed / over stimulated.

    Had no idea whether my system felt stressed / over stimulated due to level of glandular intake, in which case would need to reduce. Or, if my system was responding to some other 'stressor', in which case I would need to continue the glandular support. How do you tell the difference?

    If anyone has used Adrenal Concentrate & has any guidance to offer - please do, it would be appreciated.


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    I've used Nutri Adrenal Extracts in the past but I am not sure if I felt better, worse as I was going through the roller coaster like yourself.

    Mine were in pretty bad shape when results came back so NAE wouldnt have helped anyway but I gave it a go. I felt a lot better on Hydrocortisone (I was under Dr. Peatfield Supervision) but then again it was a roller coaster too.

    Thing you have to under it's not like a small wound which will heal in just a few days or weeks. It may take months or a couple of years to heal and recover full adrenals depending on how depleted those were to start with.

    Below is the image of my test results, something to compare your stuff with.



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