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Thread: Is it true that this week is thyroid awareness week?

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    Is it true that this week is thyroid awareness week?


    I've noticed something on TPA UK about it being thyroid awareness week "this october"...I cannot find any information about this ANYWHERE (else) and it doesn't even appear that clear on TPA UK so I am very confused!

    I know there was something about changing the dates of the week and I did hear earlier in the year that this october would either be thyroid awareness month or week - is it?

    Ok now I find on Thyroid UK that it IS thyroid awareness week THIS WEEK!!! Is it me or is the awareness really rubbish even about the actual week?!!

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    Re: Is it true that this week is thyroid awareness week?

    Yes it is thyroid awareness week about now, but am not too sure exactly when it is. Someone has brought
    out a video on Youtube to mark the event -
    which is well done, but nothing else exciting that I know of.

    In contrast the Pernicious Anaemia Society, to mark B12 Awareness Week next month, are hosting a
    reception at the Houses of Parliament for all members who can get there and as many MPs who can be
    persuaded to come. The aim is to gain support for better treatment and research of this disease.

    I think one big problem with Thyroid Disease awareness is that although there is a fantastic amount of
    support here on the net, and throughout the world, it is fragmented. Each group beavering away doing
    its bit, which is of course marvellous, but there is little unity between groups. Divided we fall.......?




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