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Thread: New blood test says thyroid normal but don't feel good?

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    Re: New blood test says thyroid normal but don't feel good?

    Haven't posted on here in a while so thought I'd say/ask something...

    I wanted to share with everyone what I've realised about the last 6 or so months - I had a normal blood test in August but didn't feel 'normal' until a few weeks has taken this long for things to settle, even though this is the second time I have gone from hypo to normal. I'm going to be blogging about that a few times I think - I think it's easily forgotten, even by endos who sometimes take what they read of the blood test results at face value: we should never expect everything to happen at once. I've got a load of 'Changes' posts going up on my Everyday Health blog - my personal blog :-P

    But not everything is quite right...I went on metoclopromide to sort out my stomach - found out I had a rythmn disturbance where if I don't eat for over 2/3 hours my stomach slows down massively - here's a warning: NEVER go on that medication! It was horrible! ...But it did help my stomach a little. On domperidone now. It's possible that the metoclopromide is still in my system so maybe that is why things are so crazy at the moment - literally one week I feel fantastic and better than ever; the next, yesterday and today, I feel awful. The nurse said to me "your hormones are a little all over the place at the moment aren't they?!" Hmm. Has anyone else has this massive up-down thing while the thyroid, I guess, is settling?

    Also I'm having a blood test early Jan anyway down at the GP so I thought I'd ask my GP at the same time if they can test my adrenals - the symptoms seem to match up...the light sensitivity; non-refreshing sleep; feeling most energetic in the evening; the whole stress thing - for the first time I am becoming fatigued with a stressed moment/day. it true that doctors are usually not supportive of the whole adrenal issue? I'm not reading too much into this am I?

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    Hi Ginny, I found that really helpful. I had a blood test back normal today (I was very hyper and now on block and replace treatment) but feel super rough right now. I still don't really know what questions to ask but now have more info from your post. Don't really want to settle for "you're fine, go home"




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