Well now we have all the Natural thyroid products on backorder. Armour because of the recall, (RCP) Naturethroid because of them taking up the slack of people changing to Westhroid and Naturethroid, so 90 days of not able to order any. Lets hope they don't do a Forest who kept expanding that to longer and longer (the reason I changed to Naturethroid in the first place now lets see how RCP perform).

It is unheard of for the actual powder to be unavailable. Lots of conspiracy thoughts about the global intent towards pigs and porcine products with the , swine flu publicity, mass pig slaughter in Egypt, now no Pork Thyroid USP available to the manufacturers.
Codex Ailementrus? (that global legislation about natural supplements being put on prescription only I probably spelled it wrongly)

All baaaaad stuff. Very fishy.

Hope nobody is going to be short. Best advice if you are, and cannot get any NT is to use T3 for a while, or a little T3 and T4.

Hope everyone is ok for supplies.

lotsa luv