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  1. Re: Listen to my Thyroid Disease Comlications Audio, now, free

    Very nice of you to share that, Jim! Both the audios and your personal experiences. :big: Hope you're keeping well.
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    Re: Howdy from Jim

    Welcome Jim! I'm delighted you made it and I know others will be very glad to see you here too. :D Enjoy your time here.

    I love the picture, it's great! :)
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    Thyromine by Pacific Naturals

    I think it's wise to keep an eye on what's out there and share thoughts about products. So with that in mind, I'm asking if you'd like to peruse this and see what you think. I have absolutely no...
  4. Finding Unsuspected Thyroid Cancer Through Routine Imaging

    Published Oct 16 2008.

    Surgeons Find Unsuspected Thyroid Cancer in Elderly Patients through Routine Imaging Studies for Other Conditions

    Routine imaging studies of older patients are finding...
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    Re: Depression have role?

    I believe it's mentioned in both the Mary J Shomon ebooks in our Thyroid Books and Downloads section, hammy. You might want to check them out for more information on that. Hope that helps! :)
  6. Re: Double check what your pharmacy supplies you with

    I'm nor sure where you're located, Jones but if you're in the US you can use the Pill Identifier Wizard at I should stress this is for US issued medication only - please don't count on it...
  7. Re: Thyroid collars - does your dentist do this?

    Glad you all found it useful. :D I hadn't seen that mentioned anywhere else myself either.

    I was just thinking there it would probably also make sense to mention it to your doctor if you've had...
  8. Thread: hi everyone!

    by Savannah

    Re: hi everyone!

    Welcome sam, I hope we can be of help to you and we always appreciate information being shared! Please post wherever you're comfortable and don't be shy. We're a friendly group. :)
  9. Thread: Hiya!

    by Savannah

    Re: Hiya!

    Hi jellybean! Welcome aboard. Wow, that's a long time to go undiagnosed but at least now you can move forward since you know what you're dealing with. :thumbup: I look forward to getting to know...
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    Re: Armour Thyroid - To All UK Doctors

    Just to add to that, one woman explains exactly how to get Armour prescribed in the UK.

    Source page
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    Re: Any experience of itching with Armour?

    Thanks for the info, SiD. I was looking there at PDR (Physicians Desktop Reference) Health, which gives information on various medications. Under Side Effects, it says:

    You can read the full...
  12. Thread: Hi everyone!

    by Savannah

    Re: Hi everyone!

    Hi hammy, welcome aboard! We'll do our very best to help you out. Please do share your own experiences too when you're ready to. We really want this to be a community where everyone feels...
  13. Did you know smoking can affect serum TSH levels?

    Norwegian research indicates while the exact effect of smoking on your thyroid's functioning is still a bit of a puzzle, doctors should probably be taking that into account if you're a smoker with...
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    Any experience of itching with Armour?

    On my web travels, I've seen quite a few people mention they were itching when they took Armour. Has anyone else had that and if so, did you find any way to alleviate it? Can you share any insights...
  15. Double check what your pharmacy supplies you with

    A cautionary tale for anyone on meds experiencing a return of symptoms despite taking their prescription as directed. From KOB TV station in New Mexico, this was all perfectly legal apparently.
  16. Aussie Food Standards Agency including iodine in bread

    How do you feel about this? I'm not sure what the regulations are in other parts of the world but adding iodised salt to a dietary staple such as bread doesn't sound like a good idea to me. Who knows...
  17. Thyroid Function After Unilateral Total Lobectomy

    From the archives of Otolaryngology -Head & Neck Surgery medical journal, Vol. 134 No. 10, October 2008.
  18. Jesse's fine needle aspiration appointment.

    Jesse shares a description of his fine needle aspiration appointment.

  19. Re: How to Make a Thyroid Hormone Breakthrough by Mary J Shomon

    I'm so glad you guys are finding these useful! I really appreciate the feedback. It helps me know I'm sharing the right kind of things. Thank you! :D
  20. Re: Thyroid collars - does your dentist do this?

    Was it a lead apron he used, Hayward? Because apparently you can get attachments for those to incorporate a thyroid collar. He may have a design that already has that built in, of course. Good to...
  21. How to Make a Thyroid Hormone Breakthrough by Mary J Shomon

    Aimed particularly at women, this ebook from Mary J Shomon explains amongst other things how your thyroid can have an effect on fertility, menopausal symptoms, PMS and pregnancy.
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    Re: Thyroid Scan and Uptake - 1 & 2

    The follow up to the first video.

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    Thyroid Scan and Uptake - 1 & 2

    A gentleman shares his new and ongoing journey on being checked out for thyroid problem that began last August. I think it's so generous of people to share so much of themselves and their...
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    Fine needle biopsy of a thyroid nodule

    Video of a fine needle biopsy of a thyroid nodule being performed.

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    Re: Free Thyroid ebook by Mary J. Shomon

    Glad you like it! I'm keeping my eyes peeled for more. :)

    And just to add to your helpful hint there - if you use Firefox, it's the "Save Link As..." option you select to save it to your hard...
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