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This takes the cake!

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Ok, I'm now going on 3 years with almost all the classic thyroid problems. My blood pressure is still through the roof, though I do Zumba classes 2 times a week and cycle 6-10 miles a few days a week. Last cholesterol check stated I had very low "good" cholesterol and I needed to change my diet. When I talked with my cardiologist about this he stated some people just had low good cholesterol and not to worry. Since my migraines are through the roof again and I am still numb down the left side of my body, since January and the Neurontin isn't as effective as it once was, my Neurologist got me in to see "a speciallist" at Hopkins for thyriod problems. He was running 45 minutes behind and as soon as he asked what he could do for me and I stated I hoped he could fix me, the appointment went downhill fast. He stared asking about some of my medical history and when I would start to explain, he would say never mind and move on. I must say that I am not the typical American. I was in the military for a long time and lived by the motto work hard, play harder and was a bit of an adrenalin junkie in the past. I've traveled extensively and got some bumps and so forth for my efforts. I have had some interesting medical experiences because of it, Lyme disease when it was barely recognised as a condition, a horrable intestinal infection that cost me 3 inches of bowel and my appendix, torn muscles, broken nose, you get the picture. That livestyle all came to an end in 1998 when I was diagnosed with a Cavernous Hermangioma on my Ventrical, bad stuff, so I need to live a more stress free lifestyle. Which I have adopted. I no longer work, and stay home and raise my kiddos. I have adopted an organic and homeopathic lifestyle. I still ski in the winter and still love the outdoors, but you will not find me skydiving, bungiejumping or even rock climbing anymore. Pressure in my head and all. Now for almost 3 years I have battled thyriod like symptoms with no answers. I see this new doctor today hopeing he coulld give me answers and all I get in the end is my goiter isn't related to my symptoms and I must be bipolar. Can you say ticked off!

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