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My Story - Thyroid illness

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Hi All, this is my story - believe it or not in brief

I have been struggling for over 14 months now, it all started when i gave up smoking (I am still off the ciggies).

About the same time i gave up smoking I developed a cold, which caused me to be breathless (altho i have astham so thought it was that) and my voice changed dramatically, the lady that does the voice for Minnie Mouse should have been quaking in her boots!!! The cold went but breathlessness and strange voice remained accompanied by severe fatigue, fogginess, heavy tingling arms and blurred vision, all of which worsened the tireder i became. I also had trouble sleeping which of course didn't help. Just having a shower left me feeling like I had run a marathon and I kept having time of work.

Off to the doctors I went, my chest was clear and they couldn't understand why i was so tired and breathlesswith this changeable voice which got worse with any form of activity. Blood tests were done and I was told that I had a vitamin B12 deficiency, I think the level was around 90 at that time. But the GP said he wanted me to see a breathing specialist before he started any treatment. So I waited for an appt whilst the symptoms continued to get worse. The breathing specialist couldn't understand it either and said she thought i had hyperventilation syndrome!!! but she would do a d dimer blood test just to make sure altho she was sure it would be negative....... and it wasn't... so i had to go into hospital as an emergency and await a CT scan, I waited four days for the scan, in the meantime i think i was seen by every doctor in the hospital, more blood was taken, ecg's, blood pressure etc. I was told that my thyroid levels were fine. One of the doctors was furious that the GP had not started me on B12 straight away and the loading injections were started there and then. And i started to feel better, my voice returned to normal it was like a miracle, the CT scan was clear and i was sent home and had the remainder of my loading injections at the surgery which were to be followed by 12 weekly injections.

The loading injections stopped and within a matter of days the symptoms began to return. I was devastated, the GP's said there was nothing more they could do, I researched the condition and I knew that some people were getting injections much more regularly, altho I was being told it had to be every 12 weeks. Finally i saw one who listened (we do not have designated GP's at my surgery. She was apalled at the state i was in, told me that the tests at the hospital confirmed i had PA and immediately (to my horror) signed me off sick and she let me have an injection that day and we agreed to try 2 weekly and for one month and then move to 4 weekly and gradually space them apart as I felt better. She also tested for Sarcoidosis and Thyroid which were both negative. I still had breathlessness and fatigue but the fog had cleared and the tingling heavy limbs improved vastly altho I was starting to lose weight..

Then she went on holiday and i had to see another GP because the symptoms suddenly got much worse again, he was livid that i was getting 4 weekly injections, the minimum was 8 weeks he said. He changed it back to 12 weekly, and told me i was depressed and needed antidepressants, they had checked everything else and it was that or nothing. I was furious, i told him i was not depressed and that i would not take anti depressants, finally he said he would check my thyroid just in case but that would be it. The very next evening he called and said he knew what was wrong with me, i had an overactive thyroid, which was way overactive, (no apology!!!). Started me on Carbimazole and referred me to an Endocrinologist who confirmed Graves Disease and Graves eye disease.

The thyroid treatment helped with some of the symptoms, but the fatigue and breathlessness are still with me and I was sent for an exercise ecg which was inconclusive. I am now seeing a cardioligist and am awating a further CT scan of my heart - possible myathenia gravis has also been mention. I am now on Tiledium (slow release calcium inhibitor??) which opens up the pipes so that the blood can run more smoothly. For the first 10 days on the Tiledium i felt almost back to my old self but have started a rapid decline again, my next B12 is next Friday so maybe that is it. I am so tired of feeling so tired and for the last few months i have been losing my hair, mainly aeither side of my temples, there is new growth there but it is quite alarming for a girl! , I am on a 4 day week at work via our Occupational Health which has certainly lessened my time off sick altho some of that is dogged determination!!! But I am not tired of life yet, i have a wonderful supportive husband and a gorgeous daughter who is at Uni as well as a siamese girl cat and a havan boy cat. My work colleagues are great too. Hopefully i will be sorted out soon. Sorry if this is a little long, but it is my story to date in brief.....

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Thyroid Story


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