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So I have been on Cortef for a while plus taking my thyroxine as needed, 200mcg to be exact which I feel may be slightly low.

This time I decided to stick to 15mcg dosage of cortef for a while and not to reduce it like I have been doing in the past. I started to feel slightly better, dizziness started to disappear and so the hand shaking. On top of that, I have been taking sea salt first thing in the morning as well.

Changed my diet as well and everything is brown including Brown rice, Brown Granary Bread and vegetables plus fruits included apples and pears.....cut out bas, oranges and all others. (They says berries are good though).

Results started to appear after 3 weeks and when I felt quite better, I reduced cortef to 10mcg keeping everything else the same. Forgot to tell ya, Flavanoids are now part of my medication as well. Anyway, 10mcg cortef in the morning was cut to 5mcg and soon I started to have dizziness and sleepless nights again.

I thought this time, I wont increase it as your adreanls needs slight time to pick up and that was the phase where I had issues. Anyway after a week or so, everything started to go back to normal including nice sleep and not too much of a dizziness. I got better at work as well, not that sharp like I used to be but a lot better.

Now it's been a few days that I have cut out afternoon dosage of cortef again. Third day and I am having exactly the same symptoms like when I cut it from 15mcg to 10mcg so I tell you what, if you give slight time to your adrenals, they will pick up depending on how much damage happened before. Hoping that this week will be slightly bad but evetyhign will go back to normal after a week or so.

Met my Endo last week and it was another absolutely hopeless meeting. There were two medical students for Leanring purposes (Didnt see how would they learn by the way Endo treats us). Anyway Endo wasnt very helpful and all he had to say was let's do your blood tests and see what are the results. When asked if I could have my Sex hormones, RT3 and Vitamins checked, he was like, it's not part of our treatment as you come to this clinic to make sure your thyroid is optimum.....I was like "Grr I thought I came here to get well after you messed up with my thyroid!" Crazy and totally stupid.

I told him that I have increased my thyroxine from 150mcg to 225mcg (I know I take 200mcg but I said 225mcg to cover my back as I know he'll be asking for a decrease) and I feel a lot better. According to him he will ask for a reduction if TSH was less than 1....haha not surprised am I? That's why I said I take 225mcg hopefully he writes 200mcg now to my GP so everything will be like the way I want it.

The quality of skin and hair hasnt improved massively but it's better. I reckon once I am off steroids, skin will start improving.

Oh...almost forgot....being on cortef didnt help that much so I decided to add DHEA as well. Went for 7-Keta DHEA and started taking 100mcg with cortef after my breakfast......felt way better. It's still part of my recovery regime and I am not gonna reduce it. 7-KETA DHEA doesnt convert to sex hormones so it wont harm you in anyway but wont benefit in your libido either. Oh well it may in a way as it'll take some burden off adrenals which will be able to produce natural DHEA .... may be a little bit of it.

Overall I am happy with the progress with some odd and bad days but it's gonna take sometime but recovery will be there soon

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