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  1. thyroid nil's Avatar
    Difference is 'private health care' is just a money thing. With the NHS you have enough trouble getting diagnosed with a spear through your head, never mind the nuances of Thyroid problems.
  2. thyroid nil's Avatar
    I'm aware of a concentration problem. More so since the T3/T4 change over. Its like your concentration isnt working, your trying to focus, but it isnt happening, a bit like when you wake-up with a 'dead-arm' and try to rub your face (sorry, its the only analogy I can come up with).
    Motivation is slipping away. Diversely enough, I found waking up on T3 a nightmare but motivation was excellent, T4 its the opposite, Im sleeping less, but living like an OAP. Slow thought functions, motivationally poor, just bad.
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