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  1. nichola's Avatar
    tsh in may 2012 (0.57)
    tsh in august 2012(0.97mu/l)
    tsh in december 2012 (1.1mu/l)
    tsh 18/02/2013 (1.73)
    ft3 18/02/2013 (5.0)
    ft4 18/02/2013 (11.0)

    blood count in august 2012

    serum ferritin 48ug/l (range 15-200)
    serum folate 4.9ug/l (range 4.6-18.7)
    serrum vitimin b12 245ng/l (no range)
    serrum tsh 0.97mu/l (ranger o.35-4.5)
    corrected serum calcuim level 2.53mmol/l (no range)
    alt/sgpt serrum level 12u/l (range 0-40)
    serrum alkaline phosphatase 88u/l (range 25-92)
    serrum bilirubin level 8umol/l (no range)
    liver function test-just doctors name by it :/
    serrum sodium 139mmol/l (no range)
    serrum potassium 3.5mmol/l (no range)
    serrum electrolytes-docs name
    serrum creatinine 81umol/l (no range)
    serrum calcium 2.53mmol (no range)
    serrum albumin 46g/l (no range)
    blood glucose 7.7mmol/l (no range) having extra tests!
    large unstained cells 0.14 10*9/l
    basophil count 0.04 10*9/l
    eosinophil count 0.23 10*9/l
    monocyte count 0.27 10*9/l
    lymphocyte count 2.85 10*9/l
    neutrophil count 5.1 10*9/l
    red blood cell distrubution width 13.2 (no range)
    platelate count 238 10*9/l
    mean corpusc. hb. conc. (mchc) 31.9g/dl (no range) says low!
    mean corpusc.haemoglobin (mch) 31.3pg (no range)
    mean corpuscular volume (mcv) 98.1fl (no range)
    haematocrit 0.479 (says high( (no range)
    haemoglobin est 15.3g/dl (no range)
    red blood cell (rbc) count 4.88 10*12/l
    total white cell count 8.64 10*9/l
    this is all the tests i have had to date, dont know if it would help??
  2. Mike's Avatar
    Hi Nicola,

    to the forums and I understand your frustration. Unfortunately, GPs normally will only do a TSH test to get initial picture of your thyroid. If this is within normal range then they wont do any further tests. It appears your GP has only done TSH as well which appears to be perfectly in range. You could go and ask for a TFT (Thyroid Panel Test) which include FT4 plus request for an additional of FT3. Some doctors would do both but others will just do FT4. You can tell him about all of your symptoms plus nodule issue....hence FT3 and FT4.

    TSH fluctuates quite a bit so there is nothing to worry if it comes slightly less or more. There is a possibility that your thyroid is perfectly normal but your symptoms are due to lack of Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, Ferritin or iron. You will be surprised to know that symptoms of deficiency in any of those are identical to those of thyroid. Perhaps worth checking these in your next blood test as well?
  3. nichola's Avatar
    some of the symptoms: palapatations, anxiety, sweats, brain fog,irritability,joint pains, uncontrolable tiredness, jaw and ear pain, headaches, dizziness, swallowing problems and many more.
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