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  1. Mike's Avatar
    Doctors are commercially focused now so you should feel lucky if your doctor listens to you
  2. Jonah's Avatar
    Hope things are still looking rosy. It's always a good thing when your doctor listens to you.
  3. thyroid nil's Avatar
    Well ,the weight is staying quite static, I get a response if I up my T3and lower the T4 so its x2 25mcg and 125 T4. It bottoms out for a bit,then I go back to 175T4/25T3 this keeps me at my weight, then when it creeps up again, I raise the t3 dosage.
    I might ask to go back on t3 only.
    Oh, walking 4 km each day and watching food intake is having little effect.
  4. Mike's Avatar
    Thats very good news to be honest. You'll soon feel better on T4/T3 combo. Weight should come down quickly as well as bear in mind....this weight gain is only due to water retention and can come down within a few days.
    Fingers crossed for you.....let us know how it works!
  5. thyroid nil's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Mike
    Perhaps your system is not working as it should be i.e. converting T4 to T3 Hence you have very low TSH making you hyper when in reality, you are hypo - Hence the weight gain!
    Went to Endo today, trotted out the same old, same old 'your readings are fine' etc. I pointed out the weight gain, he said 'well, whats changed?' I said the meds as my weight was static over the past 7 years, longer if you count my word,but the 'variable' ie. doctor weighed stats. are from 2005.
    He said he will try t3/t4 therapy. So Im down to 175mcg T4/20mcg T3, will see what happens, but as I have said, my weight is still creeping up.
  6. Mike's Avatar
    Perhaps your system is not working as it should be i.e. converting T4 to T3 Hence you have very low TSH making you hyper when in reality, you are hypo - Hence the weight gain!
  7. thyroid nil's Avatar
    Well I've been to the GP. Weight still spirialing, up another 1/2 stone.
    The levels indicate Im too high ie TSH 0.02.
    Off to see the endo next week, so fingers crossed.
    Just going back to your comment on t3 preventing t4 from working, I just thougth this didnt sound right as when I left hospital after my completion, I had been taking t3 almost immediately after surgery. I went home and didnt sleep for 2 nights
    Didnjt seem to have any effect on the T4 in my system
  8. Mike's Avatar
    Not sure if GP would help but worth trying. Your system will need sometime before you feel well on T4. If you keep taking T3, your body wont convert T4 to T3 hence you'll feel unwell whenever you drop T3.

    Or you could take T3 and reduce the dose over period of time so your body has sometime to adjust?
  9. thyroid nil's Avatar
    Wow! Feeling really, really, low this week. Weight shooting up, lack of motivation too. Seeing GP today, so will ask if there's anything we can do. Really could do with going back on T3 only for now.
  10. thyroid nil's Avatar
    HI Mike,
    I weigh 18.4 st now and Im 6ft2". Was just under 17 before. I should have said I adjust the T4 when taking T3 down to 200mcg.
    I dont think I'll ever get the right balance.
  11. Mike's Avatar
    How much you weight thyroid nil? As 250mch along with 40mcg makes it total of above 400mcg which is quite a lot of dose for an individual IMO.
  12. thyroid nil's Avatar
    Im afraid Ive started doing just that Mike. I decided today I was at the end of my tether after spending 2 days not really being able to motivate myself and getting news that my referral to the Endocrinologist has messed up again - original appointment was 24th March, still waiting for date.
    So I dipped into my supply of T3 I had built up over the last year. I took 40mcg. Based on the ratio or 5:1 I was a little under. But I feel much better today, I actually feel more motivated an like 'me' . And no, before you ask ,Im not getting palpitations /heart pain etc (just a bit on guard after the old site I was on, would immediately begin to shoot you down for even questioning meds,never mind taking control yourself!)
    So my appetite has become manageable ,hopefully I will be able to get back to a 'normal' weight range rather than lugging around 12 kg I didnt have before.
  13. Mike's Avatar
    Great start thyroid nil......I sincerely hope you get somewhere with this whole T3 and T4 issue. Keep updating your blog and progress as I'll keep an eye on it. I am on T4 only but thinking of adding T3 to see if it brings any positive results. Good luck
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