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  1. sunflower's Avatar
    Speaking as someone with an underactive thyroid I know how it affect your mood and I have an understanding partner who helps alot. I get very irritable when I'm tired and that's most of the time, I have no sex drive whatsoever. fears and worries are out of proportion - I've stopped driving because my reactions are slow & I started panicking as a result - this means my partner has to do all the driving. What medication is your wife taking? I've recently started on the natural thyroid route and noticed improvements (see my blog). It really is a debilitating illness that has huge consequences on well-being and the people around you, I think I've worn my partner to a frazzle which is part of the reason I'm doing everything I can to find effective treatment - good luck, it would be good to hear how things are now.
  2. Mike's Avatar
    What's her background Harris and how old is she? Married? Children? Did it happen after children or suddenly started by itself? Is she on any medication?

    If she is hypo she'll have hormones going up and down and that surely will effect her moods no matter what she tries to do
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