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Thread: Pregnany and Hypothyroidism Treatment

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    Talking Pregnany and Hypothyroidism Treatment

    During pregnancy, it is critical to administer adequate treatment with Levothyroxine to hypothyroid women. Although the fetal thyroid begins secreting thyroid hormones at about 18 weeks of gestation/pregnancy, fetal thyroid development is not complete until term.

    Maternal thyroxin hormone/T4 crosses the placenta, and the fetus is at least partially dependent upon maternal T4 for its central nervous system development. Maternal hypothyroidism after the first trimester (first 14 weeks) appears to cause some developmental delay in the baby.

    Physicians, therefore carefully monitor women with hypothyroidism during their pregnancies. All women should visit their physicians at regular intervals to avoid any complications to the baby.

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    Re: Pregnany and Hypothyroidism Treatment

    Folic acid is a must for pregnant women. The doctor has advice me to take folic acid from the first week of pregnancy. Some even advice to take while planning to get pregnant. The treatment to Hypothyroidism is more critical and it is wise to start planning before getting pregnant.



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