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Thread: Please Help!! just 30 seconds of your time!

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    Please Help!! just 30 seconds of your time!

    Hi, my Lady has suffered from thyroid cancer (Hurthle cell) she had her thyroid removed and was taking Levoxyl.
    About six months back Pfizer recalled Levoxyl and discontinued manufacture because of an "odour" coming from the packaging (?)
    They have said they will restart manufacture mid 2014
    She had to switch to "synthroid" which is like poison to her, the side effects were terrible!!
    She had a small stock of levoxyl she's managed to get hold of and switched back....the difference is unbelievable!
    Obviously, this isn't going to last until 2014!
    She's started a petition on to try and persuade Pfizer to look at remanufacturing earlier.
    I'll post the link here, and I'd ask that perhaps fellow thyroid sufferers may sign it? It'll only take a few seconds!

    Many Many thanks in advance!

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    good luck



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