Hi guys,

I recently introduced myself on these forums in the newbies thread and mentioned I am posting on behalf of my mum, who has no idea how forums work. So please excuse me if my posts seems like sometime they know what they're talking about (when my mum dictates what I write) and sometimes not so much (when she's not here!).

She was first diagnosed with type-2 diabetes around a year ago and everything health/well-being wise has been going downhill ever since.

Just over 6 months ago, her symptoms, which included hair loss, cold hands and feet, constant tiredness and pain in her feet, forced her to seek medical help and start researching possible causes. The symptoms indicated thyroid issues and possibly adrenal fatigue as well.

The NHS endos first diagnosed her as Graves, but then changed the diagnosis to hypothyroidism. However, her endo has strictly refused to prescribe her thyroxine and is adamant he wants to "wait and see what happens".

My mum has also sought help from Dr Myhill, who's site and service have been great and my mum has just started taking Iodoral.

Although my mum has managed to bring her diabetes in line through fantastic dieting, her thyroid related symptoms persist. She's still losing hair, cannot shift the fat around her abdomen and still constantly tired (although this has been improving).

But more worrying than all of this is what cropped up 4 days ago. She awoke with hundreds of linear wheals all over her body, namely her back, neck, arms and forehead. It's the most awful sight.. Bright red lashing that look like they were made by a whip! Her GP diagnosed it as Urtacaria and prescribed a steroid called Prednisolone, which has done nothing to quell the lashing and instead she has seen more crop up. Reading up on it, we found it could be Idiopathic urticaria, which is linked to autoimmune hypothyroidism - and suggested treatment is thyroxine (which she can't get!).

With the general background out of the way, she has the following questions:
1) Has anyone experienced these linear lashing wheals all over their body? Any suggestions on thyroxine as a treatment?
2) Can anyone recommend a thyroid specialist doctor in or around London? She would love to visit Dr. Barry Durrant Peatfield, but not sure if he's still practicing as we cannot find a website.. We also saw mentions of a Dr Liam Chapman in Hendon.
3) Anything stand out from her blood test results as attached below? EDIT: This site won't let me upload her blood test images, nor allow me to post links, so cannot really show them

Any tips and/or general help greatly appreciated!

so much for reading.. If you did, you deserve a medal!