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Thread: Hypothyroid and just lost 3rd pregnancy. Hosp did thyroid levels, looking for help.

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    Hypothyroid and just lost 3rd pregnancy. Hosp did thyroid levels, looking for help.

    I'm looking for advice.
    I've just miscarried for the third time, and I'm pretty sure my thyroid is to blame.
    The doctor I saw at 5 weeks said I should get all my levels checked every month, and that I should get the midwife to do it at my booking appointment.
    When I called for my results from his test (normal levels), the receptionist REFUSED to let me make an appointment for a blood test in a month's time, because a different doctor said every 2- 3 months was normal.
    My mid-wife then REFUSED to do a blood test because she said she couldn't change my dosage, so they weren't allowed to do tests for that.

    So at 11 weeks and 2 days I miscarried again.
    I asked the hospital to check my levels, and expressed my concerns that this was an hormonal miscarriage (thyroid-related), and they said they would.

    I've just called and spoken to a nurse (who knew nothing about hypothyroidism, and only read what she had in front of her), who said 'your thyroid level is 17.93'.

    Please help. I assume that this is my total level. Can anyone tell me what that means? I'm sure that isn't right for a first trimester.

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    The receptionist should not be in charge of when you can book your blood test. No disrespect to them but they are not medically trained and do not know much about this sort of thing! You should go back to the GP and get a blood test form from them or get your midwife to talk to your GP??

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