hi everyone, I've got a problem getting a repeat script for T3 even though I've been diagnosed with an intolerance to T4. Can anyone advise?

I was first diagnosed by a girl at the makeup counter, believe it or not. I went to try and get somethign to cover up the huge bags under my eyes and she suggested it could be thyroid related. I had to BEG my doc to test me, and even when I finally got my results back with a TSH over 30, he told me I was subclinical and not worth treating. On to doc number two....

She told me that I most certainly was clinical and worth treating, but ran out of info when the T4 only caused a really bad reaction.

Doc number three was amazing. He put me straight on a T3 / T4 combo and advised my to go gluten free ( my antibodies were over 1700 at that time!). my TSH was still really high and free Ts were low, so he suggested I try Armour next.

So far, so good.

This was all inAustralia, and my current dramas have started now I have moved back to the Uk to help look after my mum. Who has cancer.

My aussie doc was confident that I could get the prescriptions I needed, in fact he thought it would be easier in the UK ( little did he know).

In the UK,m y GP immediately refered me to an Endo as she doesnt understand T3. The endo was AWFUL and I came away really upset.

She said under no circumstances was I going to get a script for T3 so I'd better up my dose of T4 immediatly. This is despite a letter from my Aussie GP diagnosing T4 intolerance, and oh yes, did I mention I'm five months pregnant? She told me that T3 does not cross the placenta - which some basic research shows to be untrue - and told me to go on a high dose of T4 immediately,

When I objected , she said that she didnt care about my quality of life, and was only interested in me in my capacity as an incubator.

I am pretty devastated as you can imagine. I am at the point where I am willing to buy online to secure my supply of meds, even though it is horrifically expensive.

if anyone has any recommendations of sympathetic GPs in Sussex or London, or has any info on T3 in pregnancy, or even experience buying on line, I would be seriously grateful to hear it. I would be devastated to out my pregnancy at risk, and I'm at a total dead loss of what to do right now.