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Thread: New around these here parts and I would dearly love some advice

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    New around these here parts and I would dearly love some advice

    Hi all

    A bit of background - for the last few years I have been suffering from joint pain which began in my hips. I had a pelvis xray last year which showed degenerative changes and have taken NSAID and painkillers on a pretty much daily basis. Lately however it has moved to other joints, particularly my hands and feet. I have also gone from less than 9 stone in 2009 upto around 13 stone now (I try not to step on the scales!). I went back to see my Doctor a few days ago who initially decided to test for rheumatoid arthritis but also did a thyroid function test. I have seen the results (don't ask how! ) and my TSH was 6.7 and my T4 11 (which I guess is the lower range of normal).

    So, I figure according to the guidelines in the UK this apparently makes me 'subclinical' but am I really?! I want to be able to go and see my GP in a few days time and actually sound like I know what I am talking about! I am a Nurse, but what I know about endocrinology you could write on a postcard! Putting 2 and 2 together shows I do actually have some symptoms. Joint pain (particularly morning stiffness), fatigue (which I just put down to a demanding job), hair loss (which I figured was down to me having really thick, dry hair and was normal - I'm not talking 'bald patches' hairloss, but I can block the plug hole when I've washed it in the shower every other day), I feel constantly cold - particularly my hands and feet, and I have felt pretty down lately which I have just attributed to feeling fed up of being in pain. Then there is the weight gain... which I put down to not feeling able to exercise because of joint pain, and being a greedy pig which is actually not the case at all - to lose ANY weight I really have to restrict my calorie intake (we are talking sub 600 cals a day) which is frankly dangerous so I haven't bothered

    What is my GP likely to do? Retest at a later date or start treatment? I really don't want to be fobbed off with the tale that everything is within a decent range when I have days when I feel incredibly crappy

    Would the medication I take (1g naproxen daily and 30/500 co-codamol - at least 4 per day) have any bearing on the thyroid results. My ESR was also slightly elevated at 23 - does this have any connection?

    Any advice would be really helpful as this is totally out of my field of expertise

    Many thanks


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    The doctor will do, what the doctor will do. Each doctor is an individual like us who treats the patient according to what they know, unfortunately most doctors don't know much about the thyroid gland because it wasn't taught to them at a greater level. If you want to know the history on this read the book called, stop the thyroid madness. It explains so much on what you need to know and what doctors don't know.

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    i think endo. should give you treatment.
    keep us posted

    good luck



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