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Thread: Is depression the cause of my hypothyroidism? or the other way around????????

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    Promotion Is depression the cause of my hypothyroidism? or the other way around????????

    Ok, hopefully you guys can help me make some sense of this. At age 15/16 I started to get really depressed for no reason at all. At 17, I got diagnosed with depression and went on lexapro twice and stopped them twice without a doctor because I felt so terrible taking them. Then at 19, I went to the ER. because of breathing issues and found out I had an under active thyroid. Things then turned for the worse, I got bad anxiety. fear/paranoia, high and lows, memory loss, brain fog and extreme fatigue, weight gain and so many many more symptoms physically and mentally. My life drastically changed. I thought I was depressed before? was I ever wrong.
    I spent time going to doctor to doctor, being told it's all in my head and needed antidepressants. I noticed thyroid symptoms when I was a teen, like ibs and my eyebrows thinning at the edges and etc.
    Now I'm on 88 mcg, I've just been switched from 75 mcg, my new doctor found out that I was being under treated for two years.
    My main question is could me stopping the antidepressants have caused my thyroid disease? I was only on them for one or two months each time I stopped.
    My Dad has hyper but he says he got that from an injury so he doesn't know how I got it.
    Could thyroid disease cause all of these mental symptoms or are these two separate things? pls let me know your opinion because I've been wreaking my brain.

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    it is possible.
    are you sad because of something? if you are fine (in your head i mean ) than it is your thyroid.
    my endo. also say its in your head - all i want is to get up in the morning full of energy so i can spend the day like normal people, like i used to.
    those doctors, it seems all they want is to get rid of us
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