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Thread: Graves disease DWP work capbility asessment

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    Graves disease DWP work capbility asessment

    Hi, thanks for adding me.
    I was diagnosed with Graves diseae/hyperthyroidism in july 2010.
    Initially i was prescribed Carbimazole 20mg daily and Proponol....the proponal nearly gave me a heart attack so i stopped taking it.
    Eventually the carbimazole begun to work and i have remained on the same dose ever since. Recent blood test show my thyroid is normal again
    and most of my symptons are far more managable. Its been an extremly difficult time since the diagnosis. I had to resign from a job i loved and go on benefits. In jan 2011 two significant things happened. I got addicted to prescription meds and the DWP decided i was fit for work and suspended all benefits and put me on an emergency assesment rate!! I sucsessfully completed a residential treatment programme and have been substance free since Feb of this year....Yay!! I have a tribunal to attend in 6 weeks and currently collating evidence to confirm my illness. The law centre advised me that under special circumstances i have reletavily good grounds for appeal. I was wondering if anybody else been through this? Did you have an appeal? What was the outcome? Did they backdate your benefits if you were sucsessful? Any advise/help or tips would be very welcomed......
    Thankyou for reading....:>

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    i'm not from UK so i cant help you but just to let you know i'm cheering for you
    good luck



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