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Thread: My test results

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    Cry My test results

    Here are my test results. Diagnosed as hyper in April. Feel worse now than before

    2nd may - free t4 - 31.9Unknown tsh
    Unknown t3 although doc told me at the time it had been tested

    11th may - free t4 - 36.2 (12-22)
    Tsh - 0.02 (0.27-4.2)
    No t3 tested

    22nd June - free t4 - 23.2
    Unknown tsh or t3

    30th July - free t4 - 13.1
    Tsh 0.13
    No t3 tested

    Was told full blood count good and antibodies normal. Unsure what antibodies were tested and when i saw doc today the only results I received were for the 11th may and 30th July.

    Doctor I saw today was a different one. Said he wouldn't normally refer someone to hospital for hyperthyroid unless they have eye problems. He suspects I may be going hypo and asked me to get bloods done again in two weeks and will review my dose of carbimazole then, I'm currently on 15mgs daily.

    I am just so tired and unaware what's going on as doctors not good at explaining. On waiting list for hospital but it will be a 2 month wait

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    well in short, you are hyper and you feel awful, if your dosage is right your tsh next time will be over 1. But it's not 100% shure. Everybody is different.
    try to get copy of your next results



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