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Thread: Do you think these symptome are Thyroid/thyroxine related?

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    Do you think these symptome are Thyroid/thyroxine related?

    Hiya. I am 45 years old & had 3/4 of my Thyroid removed 31 years ago because of Thyroid Cancer. For the last 2 months I have been having high blood pressure spikes 210/110, severe bad heads(Through high bp I think) Heavy feeling acoss chest, sweats ,tremors in hands & tingling in fingers. I have been tested for hyperparathyroid & Pheo, both negatives. I have appointment with Endo 22nd august. Hopefully get some answers then. I take 150mcg Levothyroxine(I used to be on 250 but had it lowered to because of these same symptoms 3 years ago) I just wondered if anyone has had the same or thinks these symptoms coud be related to Thyroid. Any replies would be great. Thank you.

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    Hiya yes these symptoms are thyroid related, I too had high blood pressure before taking thyroxine, now mines down to 108/83 that was yesterday, but it was 175/96 at one point, and yes the headaches are due to high blood pressure too, I now take a small dose beta-blocker which seems to have helped. The heavy tight feeling across the chest and sweats, I get when I’m stressed, tried or my medication is not right normally when its too low, hope this helps little.

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