Hello everyone.

I am really hoping that you will be able to help me as I am so confused and new to this thyroid business.

I went to the doctors in April as I came off the pill at the end of last year as my husband and I wanted to start trying for a family.

After 4/5 months, I still had no period and had not ovulated. I went to the doctors who straight away referred me for blood test to test various hormone levels etc.

Everything came back ok except for my thyroid. The results were

3/5/12 T4 17
TSH 0.10

She said this was strange and indicated Hyperthyroidism but as my T4 was in the normal range she wanted me to have another test.

The next results were

25/5/12 T4 11
TSH 11.68

This was a big swing in the opposite direction so she asked me to have a third test and also checked for antibodies.

5/6/12 T4 12
TSH 5.03
They also detected thyroid peroxidase antibodies.

My doctor explained that this looks like I am subclinical hypothyroid but likely to develop fully hypothyroidism as a result of my immune system attacking my thyroid.
She suggested starting me on Thyroxine, or gave me the option to have another test in 6 weeks.

I still have not ovulated and am obviously keen to get to the bottom of this so would like to resolve any thyroid issues as soon as possible so I can discount that as a reason for the problems I am having.

Can anyone tell me what these results are likely to mean and if it is worthwhile waiting longer and keep testing or if ultimately it is likely I need to start on the drug anyway.

My doctor also mentioned she isn't sure if this is the cause of my ovulation problems so if anyone has any experience or knowledge about that I would be very grateful.

Its quite scary when you don't really understand what is going on.

thank you!!