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Thread: How 'clearly' do we understand Thyroid Function?

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    How 'clearly' do we understand Thyroid Function?

    Just a question on 'How much do we know?'

    We all have heard the stories of how thyroxine is like herding cats when it comes to dosage. Im wondering how much do they really know of the thyroids function in relation to the physical demands on it.?

    Heres a scenario, I had Thyroid Cancer due to a node on my Thyroid. I asked 'why the node?' and the reply was the thyroid will 'grow' in response to greater demand from the pituitary gland. It grows randomly, in nodes. So this leads me to my next question, 'Why the greater demand?' and also 'does the thyroid fluctuate in its out put in response to daily routines?'
    As its been said, many of us have problems with feeling 'worn out' on meds, so we drop the dosage for a while, then its back to normal.
    Could ther be a case to say 'heres your basic level of thyroxine (T4) then heres some Lithothyronine (t3), take as you feel necessary' the T3 will have a more immediate action, so you could pop one when feeling sluggish after a demanding day, then at a sedentary weekend, you could just stay on your basic T4 ,so your system can slow down and you rest better at night.
    I have a feeling the thyroxine we are taking is in such rigid dosages, this 'might' be most of the problem regarding 'high/low/fatigue'

    Just a thought

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