...and don't know which way is up

Where do I start?

I'm 47 and officially peri-menopausal (I had a small bleed e/o Feb; last bleed prior to that was August last year) and un-officially menopausal according to my FSH, LH and oestradiol blood results not to mention the night sweats and hot flashes .

I have found the flashes bearable but what has been unbearable, has been the debilitating exhaustion. Cue more blood tests:

Aug 2011
TSH 5.48 (0.35 - 4.94)
FT4 11.9 (9.0 - 24.0)
May 2012
TSH 7.7 (0.35 - 4.94)
FT4 12.9 (9.0 - 24.0)
TPO 4.5 (0-50)The blood tests also revealed hypoglycaemia, eosinophilia and a decreasing GFR 71-62.
I have to go back for another blood test in a month, this time it will include FT3. Gp has put on request form "rising TSH, ?cause menopause"

So is it menopause, is it hypothyroidism or is it both - I have all the textbook hypo symptoms and drag myself through each day.

So many questions but the two that are uppermost in my mind are:

Will my TSH return to normal as the menopause stabilises? I don't want to go on lifelong meds but my Gp wants to treat me if my TSH rises above 10 and/or my T4 falls below 12 on my next blood test.

Why are my antibodies negative? Every other poster who seems remotely similar to me (age, blood levels) has loads of antibodies.

TIA for your help, Oneofherturns (who really just wants to be well again)