I have been on Synthroid since I was 4 years old (Hashimoto's diagnosis) and since 2004/5 I've had the diagnosis of fibromyalgia. Compared to other people I've read about online, I have a very mild version of fibro at best. I'm highly sensitive to stimuli, and do have aches and pains, but I don't feel disabled by the condition. I just don't feel like I'm living life to my full potential. I primarily have muscle tension (shoulders,neck) and joint pain (knees, sometimes hips, and wrists). I also have extreme fatigue and memory/concentration problems. "Brain fog". Some days I can literally hide my own Easter eggs. I forget what I'm talking about mid-sentence. Occasional tremors. Intolerance to heat/cold. Bad constipation. My hair sheds way more than usual, I seem to only gain weight, not lose it. I really don't eat that much to be as heavy as I am and I walk about 2 miles every day to get to and from work. I struggle with chronic depression and pretty intense OCD/anxiety (started in 2005... includes trichotillomania). Those are the most prominent that I deal with daily and bother me the most. I have more than 50% of the symptoms listed on the Stop the Madness website.

I am curious about trying to add some supplements. I'm currently taking Synthroid .137mcg, Citralopram 40mg, Wellbutrin XL (generic) 300mg, and I take NAC twice a day to help (hopefully) curb my trich urges. I'm tired of always being tired. I'm only 29 years old... and have had some issue with exhaustion or pain since I was 20 years old. I've had low grade depression since puberty. In general, my lab results are in what my doctor says "normal range". I don't think he's well-versed in hypothyroid though.

I would like to know more about Armour, or any other supplement that might help alleviate symptoms. I suspect that I might have HT II. My problems seem to highly hormone-related. Much worse (pain) around my period or when I'm stressed. I never feel like I can get enough sleep. I've seen some interested supplements online that also have desiccated thyroid in them, as well as Gaia Thyroid support. I also wonder if I have adrenal fatigue, but would like to pursue thyroid before all others. For that I'm interested in Licorice root. I can't imagine that living my entire life on synthetic hormones fulfilling all my body needs in life. I would just like to feedback as to what I can pursue on my own before finally taking to a physician. Has anyone else tried Cytomel with positive results? Would Armour be better? Any known drug interactions?