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Thread: Just diagnosed with hypothyroidism...

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    Just diagnosed with hypothyroidism...

    ...with hypothyroidism. I've been a bit overweight (150lb, 5'4) for a few years.. dry skin.. no energy.. just feeling like crap.. finally I decided to get a blood test and finally was diagnosed with hypothyroidism today. I got given a prescription of Levothyroxine- 125mcg.

    Am I likely to have an easier time losing the weight with thyroid medication? I try to be pretty active but I just have no energy- hopefully that will improve. I've just read some horror stories of people who have GAINED weight on levo- worried that it'll happen to me.

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    caty you've to give it a try. Your metabolism is broken due to low thyroid hence you are gaining weight. Once your thyroid levels go back to normal, your metabolism will start working normally and you'll loose weight. It's will be a gradual process so dont expect it straight away



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