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Thread: Thyroid help appreciated - TSH borderline - Hyperthyroidism?

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    Thyroid help appreciated - TSH borderline - Hyperthyroidism?

    Hi All,

    I am new here. I have suffered from an underactive thyroid for a number of years along with a pituitary adenoma. After years of not much help I started seeing a private Dr about 3 years ago. I was prescribed novothyral along with thyroxine and started to feel a lot better.

    Apart from a few ups and downs (I am still struggling to lose weight, although slowly it does seem to be coming off - have lost about 3 stone now about have about the same to go!!). Ashamedly I have recently realised that despite having all these problems I have never really understood much about my condition and now today am having a panic!! So any help would be much appreciated!

    I've just had a phonecall from my GP's office though about my recent thyroid blood tests, saying that the results are "borderline" and I may be "over replacing" and I need to speak to my GP, although they can't fit my in for another week, which is annoying as now I am worrying. I've also tried contacting my other Dr, but can't get hold of her right now, which is understandable in the evening!

    I asked for my blood test results which are:

    serum 3 triiodothyronine 5.7 PMOL/L (3.9-6.8)
    serum TSH <0.02 MIU/L (0.3-5.5)

    I'm guessing that they are going to say I need to reduce my medication. Although I'm now worrying about a number of things!! Is this a 'bad' result? Will reducing my meds make me increase in weight again? Will old symptoms come back? Etc etc.
    Any help or advice would be very much appreciated!

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    well, tsh is below normal as much as i can see. usually when tsh is low you loose weight! I wouldn't say thats "bad" result- but it's better if tsh is in normal range even you can feel good if tsh is under or over normal range. If your tsh gets up to let's say 2-3 (if your dosage gets changed) you shouldn't get weight increase, but again, it depends on your body, somebody can gain weight easily and somebody don't.
    in short:
    Is this a 'bad' result? - yes
    Will reducing my meds make me increase in weight again? - maybe
    Will old symptoms come back? - maybe
    that's the thing with thyroid - you never know what you can expect
    i would do what dr says and try to see what will happend

    good luck and keep us posted



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