Hi to all! I thought I had my Hashi's under control until last year. I couldn't get my PCP to listen to my complaints that I felt bad and my endo at that time said I need gastric bypass surgery. Surgery scares me so I decided to get a new PCP and new endo. I discovered within the past month that I have Vitamin D3 and Calcium deficiency, true Pernicious Anemia (another autoimmune disease), and gallstones. I saw my new endo in February, who changed my thyroid medication to Levoxyl. In February, my TSH was 8. Last week, I discovered my TSH was 12; I was surprised,thinking my TSH would be getting more into proper range than getting further out of whack. I am concerned about the Levoxyl.

My concern stems from doing some online research into Levoxyl and discovering you should not take Levoxyl if you are diagnosed with true Pernicious Anemia with a TSH that is getting higher. Anyone know if Levoxyl should be changed to another thyroid medication if you have pernicious anemia?

My endo was not very positive at my last appointment. She said I needed OA - Overeater's Anonymous, even though I do not overeat. She said I would not live to see 50 if I continued like this. I left crying, feeling very down on myself, which has made me think I will never get my health problems under control and that I WILL die young. I am 38 years old and can feel the walls closing in on me.

Has anyone been diagnosed with Hashi's, gallstones, pernicious anemia, Vitamin D3 and Calcium deficiency, and actually improved their health situation? At this point, I feel like I have little time left. Not sure what to do. Not sure how to take all my thyroid medications combined with the vitamin supplements on top of the psychiatric meds I take for bipolar disorder.

Feeling Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place,