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Thread: Normal labs, but lots of thyroid symptoms. Help!

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    Normal labs, but lots of thyroid symptoms. Help!

    After years of trouble, my doctors have no idea what's wrong with me. I gain weight on 1,200 calories a day. To lose any weight at all I have to literally eat 800 calories a day and increase my exercise from 1 hour to 2 hours a day. Clearly, this isn't manageable, so I've been overweight for quite a while. I suffer from fatigue and lots of aches. I was once diagnosed with fibromyalgia because nothing else fit. I tried medications for fibromyalgia and they did nothing except make my problems worse. Finally, a new doctor suggested I be tested for diabetes and hypothyroidism. All of my labs came back normal. However, I know there's a difference between "normal" and "ideal," so I was hoping y'all could help me determine if I should get a second opinion. I know that no one here can dispense medical advice, but I don't have insurance so I'd like to know if getting second opinion is a good idea and worth $100+.

    TSH 2.44 (lab range 0.51 - 6.27)
    Free T4 0.91 (lab range 0.89 - 1.76)
    Free T3 3.2 (lab range 2.0 - 4.4)
    TPO 15 (lab range 0 - 34)
    TgAb <20 (lab range 0 - 40)

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    hi @true2me
    well, even your lab results are normal you might have thyroid problem. I had all simptoms of hyper and i did all blood, urin tests and ths,t4 etc tests and all were fine even i felt horrible. One month later i end up in hospital, i lost a lot of weight and didn't have energy to walk upstairs. In the hospital they did blood tests again and than TSH was WAY too low.
    So, 30 days ago tsh was almost 2 which is normal range but it was falling down, and that's what results can't tell!
    that happend 2 years ago, today i feel fine when my tsh is around 6, if its below 4 i feel bad again.

    i don't have much knowledge, but thats my experience

    hope it helps, i think someone with more info will respond on your thread in a day or two

    good luck



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