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Thread: Straw like hair and skin cold to touch...thyroid?

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    Rolleyes Straw like hair and skin cold to touch...thyroid?

    Hello everyone

    I am a long term thyroid sufferer and have been taking thyroxine for almost 4 years now. My test results have always come back normal and within range.

    I have a few symptoms which I cannot find answers to so hoping someone can help me.

    Straw like hair - I have light hair on my hands, arms and legs and they all seem to be straw like and raised/standing. I have read some where straw like hair are due to low thyroid but could it be low adrenals as my thyroid levels are normal?

    Cold to touch skin - Other issue which is long standing is hands and feet skin is very cold to touch and it wont warm up if I wea gloves or wear socks....put my feel in the blanket etc. They only get warm when I put them next to heating or something very good. The skin is not dry but not sure why makes it so cold to touch.

    Does anyone have similar symptoms who can help me with please?

    Thank you all.

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    hi annoyed
    well, your first question, i don't really understand it so i'll just answer the second.
    i also have cold feet and hands, skin is not dry. so everything is like you described. I doesn't bother me so i just live with that!

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    I think straw like hair are to do due to extreme dryness and low adrenals.



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