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Thread: TSH rising but normal?

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    Help TSH rising but normal?

    For a couple years, I have had what I considered pretty significant hypothyroid symptoms, including hair loss, weight gain/inability to lose weight even with diet and strenuous exercise, fatigue, memory loss (VERY unusual for me!), restless legs, increased cholesterol, ZERO energy, muscle cramps, dry skin, severe headaches, blah blah blah.

    Last August, I asked my dr to run a thyroid test. She requested a TSH level and it came back at 1.65. I was stumped. However, I did have low iron, so she had me start iron pills. We re-ran the iron levels in January, and they were acceptable on the iron tablets. However, no change in symptoms.

    Last week, I asked for a full thyroid panel. It came back with a TSH of 2.33, a T3 uptake of 27%, total T4 of 7.6 and free T4 index of 2.1. All the results are in the normal range.

    HOWEVER, I did go from 1.65 to 2.33 in 8 months. Is that something I should pursue?

    for the advice!!!!


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    Hi @JoyandEd It's normal for TSH to fluctuate so it's not a big surprise. After a few months if you run the tests again, it'll come back slightly different. I dont know how much fluctuation is considered as acceptable but perhaps try another test after 6 weeks or so and see if it's still rising.

    Other things like selenium, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, Ferritin/iron etc play an important role in thyroid health and activity so if you are low in any of these, you may also feel symptoms like underactive thyroid. If your thyroid is normal, then try taking some minerals and doing some exercise as it'll kick your thyroid and make it work hard giving you more energy. You also want to check for Free T3 to make sure there is enough to keep you going.

    Hope it helps and have a good weekend



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