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Thread: does anyone else feel like this

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    does anyone else feel like this

    my last blood test showed my t4 to be at 26 and eight weeks before this it was at 0.38
    so my meds were upped to 125mcg but for the last couple of weeks i have been feeling really off balance as thou i cant walk in a straight line, i can balance ok on one leg its just a feeling that i get when i am walking, it doesnt happen all the time, the worse one was today we were in a shop and i really thought i was going to fall over and nearly had a panic attack in the shop my heart starting skipping i had to hol onto my oh and was fine when we left the shop,
    still feel a bit wobbly now its really hard to explain almost like motion sickness but without feeling sick
    is this my thyroid or something else, had a blood test last thurs so will know in a few days what my new levels are

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    HI @hanandhen a bit confused on your test results. Are these numbers FT4 or TT4? How could you go from 0.38 to 26 in just 8 weeks? Both of these numbers dont seem right unless you tell us the units and actual test hormone.

    You will feel some symptoms if you change your hormones so suddenly and if they vary like above, you'll get strange symptoms.

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    Usually with changes in medication it can take awhile to settle and side effects are common in the first days and weeks, so it could just be getting used to the changed meds. As long as you aren't having critical / emergency type symptoms if you don;t feel normal in a couple of weeks I'd check in with my ednocrinologist to check it's the right amount. Sometimes even small changes in dose can have a massive effect, the thrroid is a bit random like that usually when you have a meds change the doc books in for a follow up at an appropriate time to check, has that been done?

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    I know exactly how you feel! I have been dizzy for months. The doc increased my meds and for the first few weeks it went but now its back. I am guessing as I'm new to this game that it is your Thyroid and the changes to the varied medication. Hope they get the dosage right for you!



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