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Thread: Ferritin levels question

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    Question Ferritin levels question

    I was interested to see mention of ferritin on here, I didn't realise it had anything to do with your thyroid. Last year I had some routine blood tests for something unrelated and they all came back normal apart from ferritin which was 12. I was prescribed iron, however a week or so after starting it I got terrible itching on my hands and feet. I didn't link it to the iron tablets until I went on holiday for a week and forgot to take them with me - the itching stopped. When I got back I started taking them again and the itching came back. I stopped taking them and haven't had itching since.

    I just thought, oh well, I've been vegetarian for 20 years of course my ferritin is low, I'm not anaemic and never have been so what's the big deal? I did get some liquid iron (feroglobin B12) but I hardly ever remember to take it (and I'm put off by the taste as it's like blood!)

    My question is, what is the importance of ferritin with regards to my thyroid. I've been struggling to get my levels stable, could this be why? Should I be more concerned about my low levels and not so blase' about it?!


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    Interesting questions MrsE but short answer is that Ferritin is required for a number of chemical process in the body including coverting inactive hormone T4 (Thyroxine) into active hormone T3 plus it affects efficiency of adrenal hormones as well.

    That's the reason ferritin is quite important will write in detail but have got to shoot off now.



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