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Thread: Change in TSH levels and feel rough

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    Cry Change in TSH levels and feel rough

    I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid when I was in my early twenties. For ages I sat ok at a high dosage of thyroxine plus some liothyronine that a private endochronologist prescribed and my GPs all followed suit.

    It then transpired a year ago that I have been "chronically overmedicated" for a number of years and, at last (after over 10yrs of being diagnosed), I saw an NHS endo.
    At the same time I was having gallbladder problems. My gallbladder was removed in June and in the course of a year and a half of being ill I lost 3 stone. I kept it off through a strict low fat diet and healthy eating. For the first time ever I felt some confidence in my body.
    The dose the endo got me on was fine and for 12 months I was ok.

    Then in December my weight started to go up, energy went down. I thought I was anaemic as I felt so rough. But bloods were fine.
    I have put on 7lbs in 2-3 months, my skin is dire, my joints ache (I am in a wrist splint with tendonitis), I am knackered and even when I nap and catch up on sleep when my parents are here or my toddler is at nursery, I feel no better.

    So I was kind of relieved to find out on Friday that my TSH has gone from 0.6 (a good, low reading for me, where it has sat for almost a year - the range is 0.5 to 5) to 1.5 in December to 5.5 today.
    The endo wondered if it is an anomaly (despite the Dec reading showing an unexpected increase) and wants me to have another test and see him in 9weeks...

    So I have 9weeks of more weight gain and feeling horrendous. And I am so depressed by it all. I fight and fight to keep a healthy weight anyway. How am I going to prevent myself from putting more on? How am I going to look after my child feeling like this? I have tried to call to ask for an earlier appointment, but of course there are only answer machines.

    Why would my thyroid needs suddenly change making my TSH increase like this? Any ideas?

    It is odd, I know I feel worse now than I did before I knew the results, almost as if my body has said that yes, I have a reason to be rough and tired so I will just give in to it. Not helpful really.

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    hi @Pbx , sorry to hear about you condition.

    i'm not familiar with UK health system so i can't really help you.

    however, how about you get new test in let's say 3 weeks? If your TSH is over 5,5 in 3 weeks than doctor should help you, right?
    also, on this forum you'll find people with more knowledge about thyriod and UK health system, they will come up with something!

    good luck

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    Hi @Pbx sorry to hear your problems and sincerely hope you get recovered as with a toddler, it's very difficult to manage otherwise.

    We dont know much about the detailed history of your thyroid issue but it seems you have been underactive and have been taking thyroxine + some liothyronine which has worked for you. I dont know why would you start on liothyronine at early age but perhaps your body wasn't producing enough T3. That could be a reason for overmedicating.

    How much thyroxine do you take now? If you have been on similar dose for a number of years and there is a sudden increase in weight etc without change in medication, then there is another underlying issue as well. What were your blood tests last time? Dont be releaved by TSH going up to 5.5 as it's a bearer of bad news. You are tired and knackered because your TSH is high. You'll feel a lot better if you are around 1.5 or'll have to find what is the best number which works for you.

    Weight gain could be due to a number of varied reasons so it's very difficult to pin point just one. Underactive thyroid is just one of them and most common. Also have a look at this very useful Dr Rind site and the chart and see where you stand in terms of signs and symptoms.

    Good Luck



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