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Thread: My baby ate my Synthroid!

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    My baby ate my Synthroid!

    Hi guys - I just wanted to share a frightening experience with you all:

    Several months ago my 4 year old son came into the living-room and said "Baby's eating daddy's medicine"

    My wife and I sprang into action. In play-room was my 2 year old daughter with blue coloring all over her face. Tablets were all over the floor, many sucked on, many half eaten.

    Needless to say I was punishing myself for being so careless. I had left the medicine beside my bed - what a bad Dad. And worse I had put the cap on upside-down so as to not be child-proof. Well I don't know if you've ever really tasted Synthroid but it tastes exactly like Pezz (the candy)

    While my wife dialed poison control I plucked what I could out of her mouth and began to assemble all the bits and pieces together as well as the un-eaten pills.

    I went to the calendar and deduced I should have 20 pills left in the bottle. I did the math and by assembling half eaten pieces into roughly full pieces I deduced she had injested 5 tablets of 137mcg each. I was sick to death. I know what 600mcg would do to me a 180lbs man, oh my! what would it do to a 22lb little girl?

    I could hear my wife on the phone and was getting an idea, that we might not be in as bad a situation as I thought.

    Turns out - and we called poison control twice. One in Colorado because our cell phone patched us to them, and once in Arizona where we live. This was nice as it doubly verified the information. - anyway turns out. Children's systems are quite good at processing single heavy doses of synthetic T4. Posion control told us not to worry, that if it had been more than 10 or something like that, they would advice us to go to the emergency room, but only 5@137mcg was not a big deal. I had no idea. They told us she would probably get hyper, and have some diarrhea, maybe trouble sleeping, but otherwise just watch her. We did just that and she seemed pretty normal. Maybe just a little hyper. She slept fine, and had a little diarrhea - not bad though.

    Very scary, but turned out ok. And I learned a big lesson. It is strange too because we are the kinds of parents that seem to always have an eye on our kids to point of hovering. Not that day

    Well I hope this helps someone learn from my mistake. for listening. Please don't judge me too harshly - I love my little babies!

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    @sulkair accidents do happen, it is so easy to do something without thinking, i am ever so pleased your child was ok in the end



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