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Thread: Hello and Thyroid Blood test Question?

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    Hello and Thyroid Blood test Question?

    Hello This Is my first post hope its In the right spot. Im a 41 year old male and just over two years ago started LEVO due to Hypo. The last four years have been Horrible due to physical problems. In 2008 the first symptoms of MS came thru the Door(leg weakness and buckling) and a few other problems which have now actually disapeered for the most part. Believe it was early 2010 Doc made the Diagnosis of MS from MRIS and few other pyhsical problems. Just for the record went to Sandiego In november 2010 and had CCSVI procedure done. But what Im curious about hoping to get my facts straight cause I want to ask my doc about this again. When I started the LEVO he told Me Ill feel so much better once my level comes up what it was dont recall number but was very low. I now take .188 daily of LEVO. But too my question I hope I can be set straight on. I recall reading on a Forum about a woman who like me has MS and Hypo T and even on Her Meds If I recall T4 was low? And her Fatigue was due too that and not her MS. When I mentioned it too my Doc he said My TSH is ok now and didnt seem to ackknowlege to what I was saying. Just scoping around online seems like theres a test for free T3 and T4, how important could this be pertaining to how one might be feeling? I deal with fatigue and realy starting to notice hairloss and my hair has changed in last 5 years for sure. What Im saying even once my levels according to blood tests went up I really dont recall feeling a whole lot different. My Doc did tell me we are dealing with two different diseases but is there a test I might want him to look at like I mentioned?? I respect My Doc and hes Good but maybe Theres something hes Missing? I know when first asked him about CCSVI with MS he wasnt too interested, after I had it done heat Intolerence went away and fatigue and brain fog went away. Must say It seems like not getting any better these days. Is there a test dealing with T3 and T4 I would want him to test me for?? D

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    @DUSTER34 Low thyroid will have affect on everything in your body. I am not quite sure about MRIS and CCSVI but for FT3 and FT4 tests, you need to speak to your doctor. Most of the GPs should be able to order it for you but if they dont, then you can get it done privately as well.

    FT3 will give you a bit more clue if your T4 medication is being converted to T3 which is the actual hormone for the body to function properly.



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