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Thread: Coffee is good or bad?

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    Coffee is good or bad?

    My question is about coffee. Tell me that coffee is a good thing to drink or not. Many people say that we should avoid to drink too much coffee and some say that it is good to drink coffee. What is right and wrong. Please share with me. in advance.
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    I've read some good articles on this a few years ago. Probably find them on the web if you look.

    Coffee is known to have many powerful antioxidants. I would venture a guess that one cup of coffee a day is probably more beneficial than no coffee a day. The question is... At what point (how many cups) does the negative effects of caffeine outweigh the benefits of the antioxidants? Also there is some anecdotal evidence that coffee does increase the risk of certain cancers (I don't know what they are) But the increase in risk is minute and the studies are nowhere near conclusive. Kind of like the cell phone studies - nothing conclusive. A very large number of people have been drinking coffee for a very long time. It is a multi-billion dollar industry. People aren't dropping dead like they do from cigarettes. I'd say if used in moderation it is a neutral proposition at worse and has the potential to be healthy at best. But as with everything: MODERATION! I know it's cliche, sorry.

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    Well studies have shown coffee is beneficial for the heart and other things, during treatment caffeine may dehydrate you along with treatment drug so make sure to supplement with excess water.Some of the things, we put in the coffee like natural sweetener sugar, and fake cream are not so good. So i love my coffee.

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    Coffee is good for the heart health because it controls the cholesterol level and reduces the risk of heart diseases and heart stroke.
    Too much coffee can be harmful for the health. I think one cup of the coffee daily is enough for the cholesterol control and heart health.
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