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Thread: Newbie - First 'Real' Lab Results - Please Help

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    Newbie - First 'Real' Lab Results - Please Help


    I'm new to the board, and to the confusing world of Thyroid problems. I will give you a brief history and then my lab results, any help, ideas or direction would be greatly appreciated.

    I'm a 31 year old female currently only on Yasmine BCP.

    For as long as I can remember I have been colder than those around me. I always wore/wear sweaters inside and constantly have cold, almost painful fingers & toes. I have always been moody, and struggled with my weight. In 2006-07 I became very depressed mixed with bouts of extreme anxiety. I was diagnosed with PTSD and put on antidepressants (Lexapro & Buspar). They didn't help at all. That year, I gained from 126lbs to 178lbs in about 6 months. In late 2007,after trying numerous combinations of meds (I can't remember all the names), I decided they were doing more harm than good & I requested to stop taking them. I was weaned off of them shortly there after and have not taken anything since.

    I struggled to lose the weight, and in early 2008 (27 years old) I went to my GP for a checkup. I told her about all my symptoms and she decided to test my THS level along with my regular blood work. It was 3.37 (normal : 0.47-5.01). She told me I was fine and to watch my calorie intake and exercise more. I continued to try to lose weight. Nothing I tried worked. I went on a strict 1200 calorie a day diet and gained weight. I was constantly fatigued. No matter how much sleep I got, I felt like I hadn't slept at all. Still constantly cold, fingers & toes freezing, moody, depressed. I resigned myself to feeling crappy. I didn't know what to do.

    Fast forward to several weeks ago. I was talking with one of my old friends who I hadn't seen in a long while and while catching up she mentioned how she struggled with many of the same symptoms I have. She recently found out she had hypothyroidism and was 6+ months on her Synthroid. She looked amazing, has tons of energy and encouraged me to get my numbers checked again.

    After doing some research, I made a list of my current symptoms (some I didn't even know were symptoms): Current weight 189lbs, extreme fatigue, always cold, low body temperature, hair falling out, brittle nails, cold hands & feet, ringing ears, depression, lack of energy, mood swings, body aches, total mind fog. I went to my GP, and asked for a full thyroid panel. She would not run all the tests I wanted, but here is what I got:

    T-Uptake : 1.5% (normal: 0.7-1.2) (Abn:H)
    Free T4 : 0.7 NG/DL (normal: 0.7-1.9)
    TSH : 2.83 uIU/mL (normal: .47-5.01)
    T4 : 10.0 UG/DL (normal: 4.5-12.0)

    Thyroid Stim Immunoglobulin : 119% (normal: 0-139)
    Thyroid Peroxidase (TPO) Ab : 40 IU/ml (normal: 0-34) (Abn:H)
    Antithyroglobulin Ab : <20 IU/mL (normal: 0-40)

    Triiodothyronine Free, Serum : 3.2 (2.0-4.4)

    Cholesterol : 191 mg/dl (0-200)
    HDL : 112 mg/dl (>40)
    Triglycerides : 83 mg/dl (0-150)
    VLDL (Calculated) : 17 CALC (0-32)
    LDL : 62 CALC (0-130)

    WBC : 6.4 k/ul (4.1-10.9)
    GRAN# : 4.1 k/ul (2.0-7.8)
    GRAN% : 63.4% (37.0-92.0)
    HCT : 38.8% (37.0-51.0)
    HGB : 12.9 g/dL (12.0-18.0)
    LYMPH# : 2.0 k/ul (0.6-4.1)
    LYMPH% : 30.7% (10.0-58.5)
    MCH : 31.1 pg (26.0-32.0)
    MCV : 93.5 fL (80.0-97.0)
    MCHC : 33.2 g/dL (31.0-36.0)
    MID# : 0.4 K/UL (0.0-1.8)
    MID% : 5.9% (0.1-24.0)
    MPV : 12.0 fL (0.0-99.8)
    PLT : 231 k/ul (140-440)
    RBC : 4.15 m/ul (4.20-6.30) (Abn:L)
    RDW : 13.2% (11.5-14.5)

    Albumin : 3.6 g/dL (3.7-5.1) (Abn:L)
    Alk. Phos. : 81 U/L (20-125)
    ALT (SGPT) : 20 U/L (2-60)
    AST (SGOT) : 15 U/L (2-50)
    BUN : 10 mg/dL (7-25)
    Calcium : 9.2 mg/dL (8.5-10.4)
    Chloride : 108 mmol/L (98-110)
    Creatinine : 0.8 mg/dL (0.5-1.4)
    Carbon Dioxide : 27 mmol/L (21-33)
    Glucose : 80 mg/dL (65-99)
    Sodium : 142 mmol/L (135-146)
    Total Bilirubun : 0.6 mg/dL (0.2-1.5)
    Total Protein : 6.7 g/dL (6.0-8.5)
    Potassium : 4.5 mmol/L (3.5-5.3)

    She mentioned Hashimotos Syndrome, did not prescribe any meds, and recommended I see and endocrinologist.

    I called my GP to find out why they didn't run any of my T3 numbers and they said that they did, but they hadn't been reviewed. I'll post those as soon as I have them.

    I am currently looking for a good endo in my area. Once I find one, where do I go from here? I'm so tired of fighting for tests and answers. Any help/guidance would be greatly appreciated.
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    well, @Dory . I'm not familiar with health care in US but here's my experience in Croatia, it might give you some info.

    When you find endo in your area, that's it. You go to her with tests and she will tell you which pills you'll take and when you'll check your TSH again.
    Also, here in Croatia all I need are next results
    Thyroid Antibodies

    keep in mind this - your TSH might be in normal range but you could feel better when its very low or very high. I'm feeling better when tsh is over 6! On the other side, some woman on croatia forums says shes great when tsh is not more than 1.
    Thyroid is very complex stuff, visit this forum often to find out more so you can help yourself and others

    good luck, keep us informed about your condition

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    @Dory which area of states do you live? I could try searching for some good endo doctors for you to assess your test results.



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