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Thread: My TSH is normal but i have all symptoms of Hyperthyroidism

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    This forum is dead, i come every morning to see what's new but there's nothing.
    I hope that's because all of you (or at least most of you) are alright.

    today's results
    tsh 4,67 (ref 0.2-4.2)
    ft4 18.8 (ref 12-22)
    endo. said that this tiredness is not related to thyroid.
    i still can't walk, acording to google earth today i did almost a mile on foot and i was crushed.
    next blood test in 2-3 months.

    i'm thinking what to do, i'll see what my gp will say.

    i'm also little concerned about getting to hiper again, whenever ths is 3 i get to hiper as you can read in previous pages.

    wish me luck
    January 17 2013.
    TSH 5.22 (ref 0.27 - 4.2)
    FT4 17.1 (ref 12.0 - 22.0)

    i still take eutyrox 50 and E25 2x week.
    Last couple of weeks i started to feel better, i could walk for about 2 miles, i get tired but i don't feel crushed and i don't feel like crap.
    so things were going well. I still feel bit weak and powerless and not 100% but better than i was in november.


    last friday i walk around house, i was feeling pretty much alright, so i tryed to run upstairs and same thing again :
    i start to feel bad in blink of an eye, i feel heavy, no power, no energy, i can't eat.
    so i take a seat, half an our later i'm better
    next day i feel tired
    day after i feel tired and my knees are tired too
    yesterday i feel little bit worse
    TODAY i feel the same plus i woke up sweaty
    so things are going bad

    i just don't get it!

    I was feeling better and better, then suddenly i run upstairs and bum...i feel bad

    i'm going to do new tests next week (i would do them anyway, it's been two months since last test) but i just don't get it.
    My endo doesn't want to see me, i'll see what my GP will do to help me.
    I can't walk for last 10!!!! months, last time i woke up feeling 100% alright was March last year

    i'm tyred of being tyred.

    I do everything doctors say but i still feel like crap.

    i hope you guys are better

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    test results came today
    tsh 3.60 (ref 0.27-4.2)
    ft4 19.5 (ref 12-22)
    last Thursday (march 14th) i woke up early to get my blood test done.
    I felt pretty alright, and i was more or less okay for the rest of the day
    so since last friday i was pretty much alright again.
    no sweating, knees are ok etc.
    i'm pretty much ok except i get tired after 2 miles of walking

    so, everytime my tsh get's to normal i get hiper!
    what will happen this time? i'll see, if tsg stays around 3-4 or even 5 and i still feel okay and if my stamina grows that would be great.
    if it falls down under 3 and i get hiper simptoms it would be awful - i hope it won't

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    TSH 2.46 (ref 0.27-4.2)
    FT4 17.7 (ref 12-22)

    i still feel the same, pretty much ok but no stamina.
    i did other blood tests and everything is ok.

    my dr has no idea how i can get stamina back, i'm too skinny.

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    since this forum is dead, i'll tryto keep it alive

    TSH 2.48 (ref 0.27-4.2)
    FT4 - 18 (ref 12-22)
    ATG - 153 (ref <115) (last year antibodes : 14.6.2012 = 398) they are still high but way lower than last year
    Anti-TPO - 9.5 (ref <34)

    so i went to see new endo on 11.6.2013 and i did UZV and i got some nodules, on 17.6.2013 i did
    cytopuncture and endo said : you're ok, thyroid has nothing to do with your condition.

    2.7.2013 my GP told me to do abdomen UZV, so, i park the car and walk to the hospital which is 500-600 meters away and it happend again, i got too tired i couldn't even stand on my feet. abdomen uzv i ok

    since then i can't stand heat, i'm so tired and don't have any energy i lost 2kg. so i did TSH and T3 in private lab
    TSH - 2.44 (ref 0.27-4.2)
    T3 - 1.4 (ref 1.3-3.1)
    Cortisol 8 AM - 350,7 (ref 185 - 624)
    so i didn't get hiper like i did last summer.
    every morning i feel bad and have no apetite, afternoon i'm little better, in the evening i almost feel ok but if i walk down and up the stairs 5-6 times i get tired very easy.

    26.7.2013. i did blood test in hospital lab
    Everything is ok EXCEPT
    glucose - 3.5 (ref 4.2-6.0)
    colesterol - 3.2 (ref 3.5-5.2)
    potassium 3.5 (ref 3.9-5.1)
    ALL LOW!!!
    but my gp say it's ok

    1.8.2013. i did Heart test and i was ok, dr said he'll do UZV next month just because i feel bad over a year but he's not expecting any bad results

    he also said i should do Cortisol test in hospital lab both in 8 AM and 4 PM.

    so i did it in hospital lab:
    Cortisol 8 AM - 600 (ref 171 - 536)
    Cortisol 4 PM - 416 (ref 64 - 327)
    it's high.

    i went to my GP but she on holiday so there's another doctor which is GREAT.
    she told me that all my results are BAD (while my GP which is on holiday as i written above told me they are fine) and told me to see endo.
    i said my endo "hates" me so she told me about good endo who she used to work with in another city.

    so i'm going to see her next month, also i'll see second new endo in my city next month.
    i literally can't walk for last 15 months!!!

    i'm really screwd, i hope i'll finally bump into a doctor which will know what to do

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    since i'm still tired and bored let me write something.

    so the new endo, she immediately said , you need a psychiatrist.
    i said, he'll give me meds which will give me energy.
    endo says yes
    i say : great, and just one more thing i said: why every time when its summer i get totally ill, i explained to her everything you can read above and she said i'm imagining things but when i show her old lab results she went crazy when she saw my antibodies went to normal back in 2011, and my blood test were fine in june and in july the are worse.
    so i took of and went to psychiatrist.
    she gave me Eglonyl 100mg every morning (in case you're not familiar with that med : )
    i take it since August 28th, and am I better?
    well, i'm do not wake up sweaty any more, i have a lot better appetite and i don't go to bathroom every morning like i used to - HOWEVER
    i still don't have energy, for example, yesterday afternoon i did some pushups, lifting weights and i run for about 50meters (thats right 50meters) and i could barley breathe, but i was pretty much fine, tired a lot but fine.
    this morning i woke up just a little sweaty and went two time to bathroom
    get the point, as soon as i do too much physical activity i start to feel bad again.

    i did heart UZV and it's fine

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    The presence of TSH in your body is crucial to the health of your thyroid hormone. explains that it is TSH that signals the thyroid gland to raise or lower the production of thyroid hormone. A TSH level that is suppressed results in a hyperactive thyroid. But, a TSH level that is too high denotes a hypoactive thyroid condition which means that the thyroid gland is not secreting enough hormone; thus, causing the patient to become symptomatic.



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