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Thread: Is joint pain a symptom of hypothyroidism?

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    Is joint pain a symptom of hypothyroidism?

    Hi everyone I'm new here just wondering if anyone can help me..

    In August I went to the doctor with joint pain so I had a few different blood tests one of which was TSH levels. When I got the results back all were fine except the TSH which was 4.8. A few weeks later I had another blood test for TSH levels which came back higher at 5.3. I then saw the doctor who did not seem to think my results were of any concern so I was just left at that.

    Two months later I went to the doctors again (for a totally different reason) this time with a different doctor, she seemed more concerned with my TSH results and said I must get another blood test in 3 months time.

    Quite recently I've started getting the joint pain again so I'm starting to wonder if my thyroid has got worse and that is what is causing it.

    So I'm wondering does underactive thyroid cause joint pain? and also is TSH levels of 5.3 a high results?

    Thank you for any help x

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    Hi @soozie86 . I'm surprised no-one has responded to you...

    Yes, i believe you can get joint pains while hypothyroid. I also understand an ideal TSH count would be at the upper end (1-2)... however, the 'don't treat' range (at many docs) is often up to 6! ... Which most thyroid sufferers would say is ridiculous At 5.3 they would probably consider it borderline and *may* prescribe a small dose.

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    Oh @soozie86 ABSOLUTELY YES it can cause joint pain. My elbows hurt all the time. I felt like I had tendonitis that would just not heal. I would have to baby my arms in everything I did lest I upset them and pay for weeks. The very day I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism and I began taking Levothyroixine (synthetic thyroid hormone) I could feel a wonderful tingling sensation in my elbows and I am not exagerating, within a few hours of taking the medicine (call me crazy) the pain started going away. Within 2 weeks my arms and elbow joints were as strong, and felt as good, as when I was 20 years old. simply amazing. I am now swinging my 2 and 3 year old children around like a daddy should. My TSH was a bit higher than yours at 11. But still you're outside the range as far as I'm concerned. And at the very least you probably have sub-clinical hypothyroidism.



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