Hi, 6 years ago I had a thyroid nodule on the right side and as it was suspicious I had a lobectomy. Now I have a multinodular goitre which is hard and uncomfortable. Ive had all the tests and my consultant wasnt sure whether to remove it or not so I have to see how it goes and go back in 6 months. Im not sure how I feel, part of me is relieved to have escaped an operation for now but the other part is worried it will get bigger and affect my breathing etc like last time and then need an op when it is bigger and harder to do. ( I have found out today it is benign)
I have also read that there are more chances of complications when they need to re operate? Is anyone in a similar situation? all my levels are normal so it is functioning properly and I have never needed medication..

Would appreciate any advice.. Im not sure what to think.. is there anything I can take to shrink it..