Hello everyone.

Just to confirm, I have not been diagnosed as having any thyroid condition. However, I wanted to ask a few questions about what's happened with my health so far.

Ok, so I'm 22 years old, and my mum had hyperthyroidism whilst pregnant with me. Then after a few years she became hypothyroid and now takes levothyroxine every single day.

Around 2 years ago I had a swelling in my throat which I could feel everytime I swallowed. I went to see my GP who told me my thyroid was slightly enlarged and ordered me an ultrasound scan of the neck. This came back normal. They informed me they could see 2 lymph nodes sitting on my thyroid and stated they were causing the swelling and said if I feel a swelling again, to go back and see the GP.
So since then I've had no problems, apart from 4 months ago I had a routine blood test after feeling very tired lately. The result came back slightly abnormal, having a low TSH and a normal T4. I was advised to repeat the test after 3 months, which I did, and the result has now reversed, my TSH is normal and my T4 is high. My GP said as I am not having many symptoms, she said to recheck again in 6 months time and doesn't understand why my thyroid results have changed. Although in 3 years I have put on almost 19kg (3 stone) in weight.

Well since yesterday I have felt a fullness feeling in my throat. It's not like 2 years ago, I cannot feel it when I swallow. It's just constantly there and almost feels a bit suffocating. I have tried to do a self check of my throat by drinking water and can't seem to find anything but it is so uncomfortable. I'm also getting heartburn with it so don't know if it actually has anything to do with my thyroid, but given my family history and my past history I'm slightly concerned and can't get in to see my GP today.