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Thread: Confused about my TSH results, advice needed

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    Confused about my TSH results, advice needed

    My hypothyroid journey has been a long and complicated one. I was originally told I was borderline when I was a child, I think around 11 and since then, any time I've pushed for them to do something about it I've just got the same thing, you're borderline we'll test in another year.

    Some of my symptoms include
    - excessive tiredness
    - weight gain, it isn't all down to a thyroid problem I'm sure but I know I find it easy to gain and hard to lose
    - pins and needles
    - insomnia
    - i often get upper respiratory tract infections, though only just realised this is a side effect of hypothyroidism
    - puffy face
    - hoarse voice (i think anyway!)
    - cold intolerance
    -unrefreshing sleep
    -asthma, which i didn't realise is a symptom either
    - very brittle hair, my hair has seriously thinned out as well. I used to have a lot of hair as a child!
    - dry, flaky skin
    - my leg gets numb and tingly sometimes
    - headaches
    - irregular periods (like at the moment I'm currently having an extremely light period that's currently on day 8!)
    - poor concentration, i can just completely lose it half way through a sentence and not know what i'm on about!

    Around 2008 I pushed again for another blood test after the previous one showing TSH 4.4 and that test then came back as 4.6. My doctor at the time, Dr Abbott who was new to the practice, said that whilst is only mildly elevated that may be significant rise for me and it's still a fair way off the 1.0 that they aim for and so he put me on 50mg of levothyroxine. Shortly after I moved away for uni and so joined a new doctors, before I left though I had a test that came back as 2.7 for my TSH. I explained to the new doctor that I wasn't really feeling any different and didn't feel like the levothyroxine was helping at all and so she just told me that I obviously didn't have a problem and to stop taking it.

    That was in 2009 and then yesterday morning I went to see Dr Abbott as I've now moved back for a bad chest. The doctor prescribed me Doxycycline for my chest and also mentioned about my thyroid. He said that with a level of 2.7 down from 4.6, he wouldn't have said stop taking it but would have upped my dosage instead and so ordered another blood test. I went back a few hours later for my blood test and today called for the results. I was told that it was normal, no action needed and when I asked what my level was the receptionist eventually begrudgingly told me that it was 2.8 and that I didn't need to see the doctor.

    So to be honest, I'm a little bit confused. The doctor seemed to think that in 2 years, my thyroid if it was underactive would have got worse but instead it's only mildly worse than when I was on 50mg on levothyroxine. But yet I still have all of those symptoms that I had before and I don't feel any better for a supposed 1.9 drop in my TSH. They didn't check T3 or T4, just TSH. The fact that I'm ill and started taking Doxycycline a few hours before (which made me vomit 1 hour after taking 200mg of it) wouldn't have lowered my TSH would it? I'm just confused by the whole thing of you're borderline, let's treat you, no you should never have been treated, no your dosage should have been upped not stopped, oh no you don't have a thyroid problem. If I don't have a thyroid problem then what the hell IS wrong with me?!

    Any advice? Does this now seem like I don't have a thyroid problem and I should just leave it at that?

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    it's been a long time @carolineg since you post this and looks like your not on this site any more (you have only 2 posts) but here's mine opinion.

    you remind me of me. Your TSH is normal but you don't feel well, just like me, for example when my TSH is 3.8 i feel bad but when its 6+ i'm great.
    anyway, i want to say to you - get new blood test with TSH, FT3, FT4 and Thyroid Antibodies!
    also do you feel good when your TSH is very low? or when its very high?

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    @carolineg I dont think you have ever been borderline hypothyroid but you have been actually hypothyroid. Though your TSH of above 4 is still within range, it will never make you feel like proper human. You've to get a TSH of below at least 2.5 or in some cases 1.5.

    What medication are you taking now a days and what was your last blood tests?



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