Hi All,

I'm new to the forum but I was wondering if anyone could give me any advice. I developed a small goitre in August which has been getting bigger fairly rapidly.

Ultrasound showed a multinodular goitre with one larger cyst of 3cmX2cm.

At times since August I've had a lot of pain in my neck, feeling of someone pressing on my throat, and at times my heart races and I have palpitations. Looking back I've also had about four episodes of palpitations and tachycardia over the last few years - each time lasting for a week or so, and during these times I haven't slept at all - I haven't even had the sensation of dropping off. I put this down to stress but now I'm not so sure.

I had one set of bloods done which came back normal (at the time I didn't have any symptoms other than my goitre) and was referred to a surgeon rather than an endocrinologist because of my normal bloods. The surgeon was not a particularly nice man and told me that I had indigestion (I don't and have tried antacids since which do nothing) and that when people get nervous their heart has a little race! He was so patronising that I had to raise my voice to him (I'm a healthcare professional and wouldn't have believed I was capable of it). He did a biopsy and MRI and I'm waiting to get the results next week.

Since then my goitre has continued to get bigger in episodes - now it is clearly visible from a distance. For a week or so I'll feel fine, then for a week I'll have sharp pain in my goitre and it gets bigger. During this time my whole thyroid looks swollen and I can tell as I'm waking up that it is starting to swell because I feel like I've been hit by a bus.

I've been trying to carry on as normal but am starting to really struggle with work (and I love my job). I'm also struggling to exercise now - On Sunday I went to yoga (after a three week break for christmas during which time the goitre had got a bit bigger) but had to leave after half an hour as my heart was racing and I was struggling in certain poses to breathe properly.

My main worry is that the surgeon will do nothing when he sees me - I think he thinks I'm making my symptoms up and I will continue feeling dreadful. I'm not worried that the lump is cancerous as I'm sure i would have heard by now (biopsy was a month ago). My partner is going to come to the appointment with me as he is also very concerned that if it continues to swell it will affect my breathing, and wants something done but he is quite scared of doctors. I feel caught between my partner who is worried and wants me to get better and a surgeon who is telling me there is nothing the matter with me. I talked to my boss (a medical professor) who said it was clear there was something wrong and not to take any nonsense from the surgeon but that is easier said than done...

I was wondering if anyone had had any similar experiences and whether they could offer any advice on how I should try and negotiate my consultation. I don't want to be difficult or have any radical treatment but I do want to feel better.

so much in anticipation and sorry for the long post.