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Thread: Hello and Help :-)

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    Help Balloon Hello and Help :-)

    I have just made an appointment with my GP after months of suffering various symptoms. i.e sore throats and feeling like something is stuck in my throat when i swallow, feeling tired all the time even after 12 hours sleep feels like i havent been to bed feeling cold all the time and my memory has been so bad lately (normally i forget nothing !!) I have a rash just on my throat and neck area and generally feeling like I have been run over by a bus .
    It was the nurse at my workplace that suggested I get my thyroid checked out as it may well be underactive.
    I would like advice on how to approach the subject with my GP as being very overweight I just get the feeling that they may think Im looking for an excuse to use for being obese and i dont want them to feel that I am doing their job when i suggest it may be my thyroid. My gandmother on my fathers side has an underactive thyroid is it hereditary also I am really worried as my dad passed away having had cancer of the lymph glands (non hodgkins lymphona)
    Sorry to go on but i am really nervous about my appointment and how to approach the GP I havent been for over 3 years
    Michelle xx

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    Hi @MEMELOU . I know exactly what you mean. I went to see my docs about 3 /4 years ago cos i was tired and exhausted all the time and also because my hair was falling out. She said that I had really high blood pressure and decided to do tests which hence showed I had an underactive thyroid. I too am very overweight and cant lose the weight. I have been put on slimming pills which didn't do the job either and was recently told by another doctor at the surgery that taking the slimming pills can mess your thyroid readings up so I stopped that. I wanted a gastric band but have been told that until my thyroid is stabilised i will never lose weight. You are not using it as an excuse cos you are overweight. it is probably because of your thyroid. Have it checked out and see what the problem is because what you are saying sounds like the symptoms and being as your grandmother has it. My mum has it but not as bad as me and I asked whether it was hereditary and the doc said that if its in your family, you are likely to have it. I am now on high levels of thyroxine because they cant seem to control mine at the moment so go and get it checked out cos the symptoms will get worse.



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